Our body has millions of muscle and each movement involves multiple muscle group. Certain muscles are under lots of pressure due to your activities and if the pressure continues, the muscle will become very tensed and painful

In modern days, shoulder and back muscle groups are the common areas that suffer pain due to prolonged sitting posture in the office and lack of regular exercise . To relieve the pressure on those muscles, massage therapy and acupuncture therapy are great solutions. Acupuncture therapy is widely accepted in worldwide and scientifically proven. It will work on the nerve impulse and influence electrical circuits in the body. With proper acupuncture treatment, your muscle pain can be relieved in a short period of time. Regular treatment can make your body relaxed and refresh your mind as well.

I have been practising acupuncture therapy since i started and I keep improving my skill through my own research and exchanging ideas with other reputable acupuncturists in Asia and Australia. I am glad to offer my expertise to those who are suffering from muscle pain in their life but could not find any solutions. Not only I deal with the source of the pain, I check other parts of the body to see if there is any other potential disease that my patients need to be aware of and offered them suitable advices on how to deal with those problems.

If you are suffering from muscle pain due to your work, sports injury or any other reasons, please do not hesitate to contact me.