In Chinese Medicinal Treatment, we believe that to combat the acne problems for one to have a clear skin, is to treat it from the source of the problem; treat it internally. Once the source of the problem has been properly medicated only then it will be easier to treat it externally and achieve maximum results of clear skin.

At Rahpael Acupuncture and herbs clinic, we offer three different types of treatment to treat different types of acne. They are type A, B, and C treatments

Type A-s
A type: Simple Acne
Some people will experience regular acnes, where you will have one or two acnes every month, and some of you will experience an irregularity of acnes where you will only experience it once or twice a year. To combat this problem is pretty simple, you will have to follow a simple beauty treatment of cleaning your face morning and night, and then follow by your regular beauty regime.

Type B-s
B type: Focus Acne
Try to determine the main reason of the acne and then treat it from inside (clear the problem internally) and also from the outside. However regular treatments are required in order to achieve maximum results.

C type: Severe Acne
Investigate the main problem of the acne and also examine the scar tissue of the face..